Monday, June 25, 2018

#BONESUCKINSAUCE  <--- to order yours!!!

Clay turned 61 yesterday and to celebrate I made chicken with Bone Suckin Sauce the flavor is AMAZING! The people at the Bone Suckin office sent us several products to review. I loved the steak rub too which I found myself sprinkling on everything as it is so yummy Super good on eggs! They got the flavor right and it is a instant hit perfect for picnics, dinners, gourmet dishes etc! Check out their site for all the delish products they have! 

Happens for the average Joe :) ....

Facebook to pay groupies

I am always growing my sphere of influence, after all I am pretty much online 24/7 if you love to crochet come join my new crochet group.. we never will charge for our groups so enjoy free of charge forever!

Free fishing for NY

In the know...
What is catfishing in social media? Catfishing is a type of deceptive activity where a person creates a sock puppet social networking presence, or fake identity on a social network account, for attention seeking, bullying or as a romance scam.  via Wikipedia
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Don't let your critters STINK up your house get this!!!!

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One fur all pets has awesome room freshener sprays we have the citrus spray. It works great on keeping my house smelling nice. I am super conscious of the "animal smell" as I have been to people's homes and the animal smell hits you at the door, especially if you are someone that doesn't have animals. It is important to make that nice first impression especially over the summer when things get "heated up" and smells seem to "LINGER" longer. I give this product a 5 out of 5 stars. I did receive my product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

Here are a few sweeps to get started today!

Win music

$500 Pops up on screen

Win hot sauce

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Will Olive our Maine Coon Tabby have kittens?

Olive came to us a couple of weeks ago from Clay's grandson. He had bought Olive as a Maine Coon and since his daughter was allergic we took her. They told us she was 3 months old and I thought she looked like a regular cat but after doing some research there could have been a possible that she was a Maine coon. It was a wait and see situation. I soonnoticed that there was a pretty black and white cat hanging around our yard. A lot of people "dump" cat's off in our area so it isn't unusual to see "someone" new. Some are friendly and some are feral ... I also notice a big grey tabby which I wondered was "Judah" a friendly guy that I actually petted and must have been dumped off and was somewhat feral but he left and we didn't see him again. If they are friendly there is usually someone that is happy to have a new cat in our farming area the feral cats usually run the fields to mouse etc.. Okay.. off the rabbit trail.. so I wasn't too concerned about any of this until I noticed that Olive was definitely in Heat! She also was giving in to her new boyfriends! right in the safety of our catio! I came out for coffee and since I had never seen a cat in heat or mating I asked my husband about this (I came from "the city" and never dealt with this) I checked out the info and found that a cat is in heat for 4-10 days and it takes about 60 days to have her babies. I do encourage spayed and neutering so at 3 months and only having her 2 weeks it was very odd. All said .. I think we may have kittens!

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